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JK Containments

The JK Containments is a portable containment that can be moved in one piece. The JK Containments meets ER S-01 standards to hold oilfield tanks.  JK Containments contain a serial number welded on them, for tracking purposes.

The JK Containments are made out of 3/16 plate steel formed and welded together in a CWB welding shop to meet CSA standards.  All welds are back welded and crack checked with die penetrate to make a leak proof, one piece containment.  The JK Containments is sandblasted then painted with a chemical resistant epoxy on the inside and a hi-gloss urethane on the outside for easier clean-up.

JK Containments has two sizes of containment available.  The first containment holds two 400 barrel tanks.  It has 3.5 ft. (1.0668m) walls with a 20 ft. (6.096m) by 40ft (12.192m) floor and weighs 13,000 lbs. (5896.80kgs).  The second containment is 4.5 ft. (1.37 m) walls with a 20 ft. (6.096 m) by 52 ft. (15.85 m) floor and weighs 14,000 lbs. (6261.18 kgs).  This JK Containments holds three 400 barrel tanks or two 750 barrel tanks.

Each  JK Containments has lifting lugs on the inside of the containment making it easy to move into place.  JK Containments are to be set on level well packed earth or undisturbed clay that is free of  rocks and ice.  If needed a pad made out of sand or tailing (reject crushers dust) maybe required.  The tanks are to be set in with a picker and placed on six 3 inch by 12 inch bridge planks.

Located near the bottom of the walls are two sets of 4 inch 150 slip flanges welded to the inside and outside of the JK Containments.  These flanges can be used to tie the surface line on the outside and the tanks on the inside, making a quick, easy and neat tie in.  The flanges can also be used to tie two or more JK Containments together if there are more than two 400 barrel tanks required at a site.  Each flange that is not in use must be blinded off.

The JK Containments also comes with a easy to handle cross over ladder, with a platform on the top and a hand rail, for easy access to the tanks.

The JK Containments is made to make the test tank well site easier, faster and less labor intensive to set-up.  It takes less than one hour to get the JK Containments in place with two tanks ready to be tied in.  This makes JK Containments very cost affective.

Spots for JK Containments are everywhere.

If there is a well that is going to be flow lined substantial time can be saved in the setting up and taking down of a containment.  Time is money.

When a lease has to be put into production before it can be reclaimed a JK Containments can be setup.  When it is time to be reclaimed, undo a couple of flanges and/or unions and remove the tanks with a picker and the JK Containments can be moved out of the way.

Where a lease is in or near an environmentally sensitive spot the JK Containments would be more reliable than a plastic liner.

For more information or to order please call Jayson King at 1-306-736-9169

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